Deadpool Funny Moments

Deadpool Funny Moments

Deadpool Funny Moments Part 2

Deadpool Funny Moments Part 2


Deadpool with sai's


Deadpool Created By Rob Leifeld And Fabian NiciezaEdit

When Wade Wilson got cancer he let the scientists at Weapon X to try to cure him by recreating Wolverine's amazing healing factor. The cure worked but Wade's skin was all messed up and mangled. His eyes where left entierly yellow. He was abandoned and locked in a cage as one of their "Failures". After years of being in a cage for years he broke free. After escaping, Wade started his long carrer as the mercenary known as Deadpool. He has many mutants, superheroes and superhero teams on his enemy list. While the world was trying to win the Secret Invasion Wade figured out how to defeat Veranke the skrull queen. But Norman Orbsan (The original Green Goblin) stole the information from him to make himself seem like a hero. Norman Orbson killed Veranke and then became the Iron Patriot. ( Not the one from Iron man 3)




Real Name

Wade Wilson


Mercenery, Anti-hero


Dr. Strange, Deadpool Inc., Deadpool Corps, Lady Deadpool,

















Famous Quote

(To Wolverine) I've really missed you around Weapon X. Nobody calls me Bub anymore.