Spider-Man 2 Train Fight Scene (HD)

Spider-Man 2 Train Fight Scene (HD)

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Spider-Man Created by Stan Lee & Steve DikitoEdit

Peter Parkers parents had to leave him at the age of 2 for a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission and they never returned. Since then he has been living with his Aunt May & Uncle Ben. As he started growing up he was the school bullies punching bag. He was the smartest person in his whole school which made him a target. One day his best friend Harry Orbson's Dad owned OSCORP. Norman (Green Goblin) (Harry's Dad) invited his class on a field trip around OSCORP. While Peter's class was there OSCORP was in the middle of a experiment witha toxic spider. The spider broke loose & bit Peter. Then on the night of the accident Peter saw a wierd mark on his hand shaped a bit like a spider. When he was tired & could'nt go to sleep he started doing finger poses. Then all of the sudden spider webs shot out of his wrist. Then he discovered he had powers. Then his Grandpa Ben was shot the last thing Ben said to him was "with great power comes great responsibility" and ever since then he has taken up the identity of The Spectacular Spider-Man

Real Name Peter Parker
Occupation Ex-Pizza Delivery Guy, News Paper Photographer
Allies Avengers, Fantastic Four, Venom (Flash Thompson), Anti-Venom, Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, Toxin, Daredevil, Wolverine, Captain America, Cloak & Dagger, Iceman, Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Enemies Venom (Eddie Brock), Green Goblin, Vulture, Sandman, Doctor Octapus, Electro, Kraven, Rhino, Lizard, Carnage, Scorpion, Morlun
Family Members Richard Parker, Mary Parker, Aunt May Jameson, Uncle Ben Parker, J. Jonah Jameson Sr.
Xbox The Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man, Spider-man Edge of Time, Ultimate Spider-man, Spider-man shattered dimensions, Spider-man Friend or foe, Spider-man Web of Shadows
Platstation Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Spider-man 2, the Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man Friend or Foe, Spider-man Edge Of Time



Spider-Man Friend Or Foe, Spider-Man 3 The Game, Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

Spider-man 2 the Game

iOS Spider-man: Total Mayhem, The Amazing Spider-man




Spider-man Shattered Dimensions, Spider-man Web Of Shadows, the Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man

Spider-man 3, Spider-man Shattered Dimensions, Spider-man 2

First Apperance Amazing Fantasy #15 15 August 1962
Famous Quote (Spider-man to Mary Jane)   You have a knack getting in trouble



Web Shooters, Web Cartridges

Spider Buggy


TV Shows

Spider-man 1,2&3, The Amazing Spider-man

Spectacular Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man